From Worker Ant to Queen Bee

By : Khizra Munir

C.E.O  “Co Pakistan”

I’ve always played it safe. Graduate from college. Get a steady job. Kickass at it. Done. And somehow it’s worked out for me. i excelled at what I did and even changed jobs a couple of times. But of course, always working for someone else. It was half out of needing structure, not being brave enough to shoulder ALL of the responsibility and maybe, just maybe, not having discovered something I was truly passionate about enough to risk my safe and steady lifestyle over.

Until I joined Mindmap; a social media company that, at the time, focused solely on advocacy campaigns. I’ve always been lucky with the kind of bosses I’ve ended up with. All of them have been inspiring gentlemen, who have set out to teach and inspire and help me grow, rather than be territorial about their positions. Faisal Kapadia was one of them. Add to that us landing a campaign(account) that aimed to create a platform to inspire, educate and empower women (WomenX) entrepreneurs and lead a public discourse narrative Womens INC. you have what I call my recipe for disaster. Or actually… my second calling.

I continued to, day in day out, work on a the Womens INC. campaign  that encouraged women to do their own thing, no matter how big or small the scale. It encouraged women to take what they loved and turn it into a career, to be their own bosses and to become independent in a society that wasn’t very crazy about the idea of said independence. I attended sessions where women opened up faced their fears and broke the glass ceiling society always suppresses them under. I saw people succeed whilst coming out of their shells and I got inspired.

Faisal, himself an entrepreneur several times over, would always innocently mention to me how I should also think about doing something of my own one day. I would agree. But also worried about things like investment and other excuses. Until a friend one day showed me a space and asked me if I had any ideas for something to do with it. If my idea clicked, It would be my baby. I did have an idea. I frantically put together a presentation for a coworking space with a difference and excitedly pitched it to the ‘pockets that be’. It clicked.

And here I am; CEO CoPakistan!

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It’s been an amazing experience and my former boss (but forever mentor) isn’t at all upset over the transition, and Sabeen our Women X/ Womens INC. program lead on the discourse side keeps calling and checking on what’s happening at CO. I even attended the recently held WomenX Marquee event which proved to be a great opportunity for me to network with people looking for a CO working space so thank you WomenX for giving me the much needed push into the waters of self reliance and entrepreneurship!!