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Curious to learn more about the ‪‎WomenX‬ program? Here is what you need to know!

WomenX: Unleashing the Exponential Power of Women Entrepreneurs...

Together with World Bank and local partners Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and Minding Her Business, Enclude is pleased to announce the launch of Womenx, a pilot program providing transformative business education and support services to women entrepreneurs running small and medium sized enterprises...

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Are you a work-out-of- home Entrepreneur? Check these tips!

10 Great Habits for Working at Home

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular option, with employees utilizing the advantages of a home office at least part of the time. While there are some critics who insist that working from home leads to stunted professional relationships and lower productivity, the majority of employers in the US are...

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A look at what a mom did when her child was ignoring her calls

Her son was ignoring her calls, so this Mom created an ‘App’...

When Sharon tried calling and texting her kids and found they chose to ignore her, they underestimated her ability to solve the problem. She did her homework and created an app called “Ignore No More.” If the teenager doesn’t pick up the phone when she calls, this app locks their phone until they call her for...

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Some solid insight into navigating through life as an ‪‎Entrepreneur‬!

50 Life-Changing Lessons That Will Help You Navigate in Business

Today I am 50. There is just no way around it. It feels like a big deal. OK. It's not really a grand achievement. Everyone who is 50 or older has accomplished the same thing with relatively little effort. But still, reaching 50 is a milestone worthy of reflection. More so, it's an age of pattern recognition.

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Ten things successful Entrepreneurs never say! Check yourself!

10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Say

What you think and say definitely shapes your behavior. So don’t be your own worst enemy. If you want to succeed – whether as an entrepreneur or in any other professional and personal endeavor – here are ten things you should never say to yourself. Sometimes a small shift in perspective can make a huge...

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With the holiday season upon us- for some it means a little down time and for others- business is at it's peak.

6 Business Lessons From 6 Big Holidays

The holiday season is once again upon us, and with it our long awaited, greatly appreciated and well-earned down time. That is, of course, excluding those unlucky ones who are at the height of their race to meet ambitious year-end targets. For them, the holidays seem like an impediment to closing business.

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The best way to be productive is to understand just how much work to take on! Usually people take on more then they can chew and it ends up causing damage!

How To Figure Out Your Optimal Workload

Of all the productivity strategies out there, one of the most important is figuring out how long your optimum workweek should be. Up until a certain point, putting in a little extra time can boost your career, just as a runner might see benefits from adding a few drills. Past that point, you experience diminishing...

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Why did you become an ‪entrepreneur‬? There are usually moments in everyone's life when they change gears for this. The answer may just be your driving force!

The One Game-changer You Must Have in Business (and in Life)-...

It was a Tuesday afternoon and I had just finished a lunch meeting with a colleague. Normally I would have rushed back to work so I could begin checking off my long list of to-dos that included writing a blog post about women and wealth, sending inquiries to a couple of prospects and following up with a client....

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In times of crisis and tragedy, it is difficult to move forward. We are emotionally impacted and we don't feel right or even feel like conducting business as usual.

Seven Strategies for Doing Business in Times of Crisis

As entrepreneurs, we move quickly in business. We make decisions with breakneck speed. We implement in the blink of an eye. We innovate. We execute. We tend to be nimble, spontaneous, and mission driven. As entrepreneurs, it’s part of who we are—and we have the technology at our fingertips to assist us even...

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Five Start Up Secrets for women! And if you're in ‪‎Karachi‬, All 5 can be found at ‪‎WomenX‬ Seats for next session starting in Feb 2015 ................

5 Startup Secrets For Women

For the majority of women in the world, entrepreneurship is a necessity--there are no jobs or other options for their immediate family members to sustain themselves. It is a means of survival that ensures food, shelter, and clothing for them and their families. Being a woman in a developed country means that we...

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Sadly this world has always had an issue with intelligent women, this article examines some of the barriers and pitfalls that come with that turf.

The Trouble With Bright Girls

Successful women know only too well that in any male-dominated profession, we often find ourselves at a distinct disadvantage. We are routinely underestimated, underutilized, and even underpaid. Studies show that women need to perform at extraordinarily high levels, just to appear moderately competent compared to...

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As an entrepreneur, branding yourself is as important as your product or service. And the right kind of self-branding is anything but shameless!

The Authentic Person’s Guide to Self-Branding

If you use the Internet, you have a brand. Whether you like it or not, people are Googling you and their impression of you is shaped by the content they find: your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page, your public tweets, that random op-ed you wrote for your college paper. And yet many people are uncomfortable with...

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THIS...If you needed a reason to be a part of ‪‎WomensINC‬! We're focused on bringing you everything you need to know about Entrepreneurship!

7 Things No One Told Me About Being an Entrepreneur

Many people become entrepreneurs because they want to take charge of their financial future and enjoy the freedom entrepreneurship can provide. While the allure of entrepreneurship is strong, there are some realities you should be aware of before you decide to take the leap. I hate to say it, but entrepreneurship...

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Being an entrepreneur is all about risk taking, but there are some risks that can be avoided with some careful planning, its not a all or nothing situation!

5 Common Mistakes I Wish I Knew About Before I Became An...

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most challenging—and potentially rewarding—career paths that an individual can choose to take. Indeed, most businesses fail within their first five years, and most of the successful entrepreneurs out there have had to fail at least once before eventually succeeding.

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We all dream about quitting our day jobs and going solo. But it can't be an impulsive decision and should involve some serious thought. Here's some easy tips on the process

How to Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business

Identifying the right reasons for starting your business is extremely important in taking the first steps into entrepreneurship. I wrote an entire article last week on what you should be aware of before you quit your job. This week, assuming you're starting up for the right reasons!

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