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Having setbacks is inevitable and a part of the game in business...Here are 5 Ways to Get Back Up and Going...

5 Ways to Get Going Again After You've Survived a Setback

As an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to setbacks. You’ve developed ways of coping with disappointment and reversal. But not all setbacks are created equal. Sooner or later, you might run into a problem that threatens the survival of your organization -- and your mental well-being along with it.

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Here's a great #RealityCheck for Monday morning...and if you're in a hurry- save this link or just skim through- there are some great tips apt for any entrepreneur that may help you out...

15 Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The biggest problem founders and small business owners have is that they’re experts in their field and novices in what it really takes to effectively run a business. That’s what usually trips them up, sooner or later.

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Happy Friday- here's something that we can all relate to... "Start a business, and you may succeed or fail, but you will walk away with the funniest, most bizarre stories you'll be...

12 Bizarre and Funny Things All Real Entrepreneurs Know (and...

What's the best thing you're absolutely guaranteed to get out of being an entrepreneur? Freedom, probably. Pride that you had the guts to take a chance. Sometimes, money.

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